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  • Perfomance Highlights

APGENCO contribution to AP Power grid is 38813 MU (43.8%) during 2013-14. Highest contribution by APGENCO so far is 39096 MU during 2011-12.

  • Awards

Green Tech Environment Management Awards-2014 are awarded to RTPP in GOLD Category & to Dr NTTPS in SILVER Category for outstanding achievement in ENIVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT in Thermal Power Sector. Received by Sri K Balaram, Director/ Thermal , Kumar Babu CE/O&M/RTPP and Sri J.Sammaiah CE/O&M/ Dr.NTTPS on 28.01.2015 at KOLKATA Conducted by M/S GREEN TECH foundation, New Delhi.

  • Daily Generation (MU)
  • Thermal 54.02
    Hydel 5.99
    Non.Conv 0
    Total 60.01
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